This weekend the weather took a turn and there is hope that spring is coming.  Red, George, and I spent 30-45 minutes walking at Lewis Park.  It was good for us to get the fresh air in our lungs and get the blood circulating again.

Here’s where it gets serious.  I just got back from the Platte County Public Health office where, since we don’t own a scale, I weigh in.  I knew I was probably around 200 pounds, but was hoping it wasn’t true.  The truth is, I weigh 202.25!!!  Not even at any of my 5 heaviest pregnancy weights was I that heavy.  No wonder my size 14 jeans don’t fit!  Serious!

My family is my inspiration.  Red strength trains daily, seriously.  Jeremy runs, seriously.  BJ rolls, seriously.  Sarah dances, does roller derby, and runs, seriously.  George runs, lifts, and training for his first Spartan Challenge, seriously.  Clare dances, and does yoga, seriously.  I have so many resources to draw from.  Serious!

So I need to get Serious!

I am 50 pounds over-weight.  50 pounds!  Holy Cow!  50 POUNDS!  SERIOUS!!!  OINK!!!

My entire body is painful, and very weak.  Thank God I’ve been able to keep my diabetes in control (sorta).  I’ve worked through the depression resulting from Mom passing away in October 2013.  I’ve decided that I just have to work through the pain in my body and by doing so, the pain will go away.

Here’s the plan that I began on Saturday…..Strenghth training every other day, walking to and from work 4 days a week (that’s 2 miles a day), walk at least an extra mile on the off days from weight training.

So, come on, FFF members!  Let’s get this up a going again!  We need to hold each other up.  We can do this!!!