This is such an awesome article. I just wish I could convince my brain that I’m not talking smack. It’s sort of like bribing a child with candy, only I think I’m smarter than that and pull the Bull$h!t card. Why can’t I get motivated?

The Secret Ingredient

We’ve all been there. Those days when you’re just not quite in the mood to exercise. (Even knowing those calories burned are key for weight loss.)

Now that summer has finally arrived, here at Lose It! we’ve found the warmer temps and sunny skies encourage us to be active. However, like everyone else, there are times when it’s easier to come up with a host of reasons to NOT work out. (‘I want to catch the World Cup games’, ‘I have a lot of work to do!’, ‘Ahh, but it’s so much cooler here in the AC!’ Sound familiar?)


So, how do we motivate ourselves to lace up our sneakers even when we’re tempted to stay put? By adopting these strategies below. Try ‘em and let us know what you think!

Pull up a motivational pep talk:

This is our software Engineer Raj (aka Trainer Raj) and our business development intern…

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