On February 1, The Leon starts a Biggest Loser-type thing at work. It costs him $20 to do, and the two winners split the money raised (one for most poundage lost, one for biggest percentage lost). That’s all of the details I’ve got. I don’t have any idea how long it runs, but I’m guessing it can’t be for less than six months.

I’m very excited about this, honestly. It’s hard to be the only one in a household who’s trying to get back into shape, especially when it comes to the food aspect of it. That’s our biggest stumbling block, I think. Nearly every meal we eat has a main course (usually some sort of meat, usually pork or chicken), a vegetable (usually corn, and yes, corn counts. If you’re just going to comment to say CORN ISN’T A VEGETABLE BAWK BAWK BAWK, keep it to yourself; there’s not a lot of veggies I can eat and fewer that I like), and a starch (potatoes or rice). It’s a LOT of food, but cutting it down doesn’t seem to be something that we’re very good at.

Starting on Wednesday, though, we start hitting the Weight Watchers cookbooks to figure out what the healthier options are. We’re also going to be digging through the low-sodium cookbook and a couple of other healthier-choices cookbooks. We’ve also got SparkPeople to use as a resource as well.

Then comes the exercise. I think I may introduce The Leon to the body-weight exercises that will help. I know that he won’t be joining me with the running when the weather turns again or at the gym when I join up, but there are DVDs and self-paced workouts that we can both do or that he can do on his own.

And honestly, I prefer to start things like this in February. Half of this county knows January as “Failure to Keep a Gym Commitment” month; February will be nicer that way. Finding a gym, though, that’s the tough part. I have ideas, but I’m not sure how to implement them. Maybe trying the week-long guest pass that it seems like every gym has will help make the decision easier. Anyone wanna help with that search? Because, really, I have to get to a gym and I don’t wanna go alone.