So… Clare Jan Brady, and I took Junior out for our first c25k run.  It was brutal.  Actually the run was fantastic, and it was a perfect cool morning for it.  The yoga we chose to follow, however,


Junior is a punk.  He’s not totally, or even hardly leash trained at this point, because we have a big giant yard, and he knows how to unhook his leash from his collar, so I don’t take him out much.  Also, that big bastard, is about 120lbs! (Twice the weight of Jan Brady.  Fact.)

It was a learning experience for him and me.  He drug me all over the place.  That’s okay, I’ll get him trained not to pull so much.  It was difficult for me not to give up on him and take him home, but I know he needs this just as badly as I do, so I suffered through it, and now I can hardly bend my ankles.  Luckily, he only popped off his leash once, and was easily apprehended, because I don’t think he knew he’d succeeded!

All-in-all, Sunday is coming soon and we should be ready for round two!