Tomorrow, I start back on C25K. I will run in the Jingle Bell Run if it kills me. Which it won’t. And I’ll do it solo, since it doesn’t seem that neither the Princess nor the Drama Queen are going to be joining me. That’s okay, though. That just proves that really, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I am the best.

Of course, I’ll be hitting up folks who want to sponsor me in the 5K. I’m poor and am gonna be lucky if I can afford the entrance fee.


It sucks, though, because The Mom and Big Daddy were gonna try to be there to cheer us on, along with The Leon. We were also gonna see if Roller Boy and Jan Brady were gonna come along, and maybe have a family Christmas a little early. That’s okay; if they don’t want to be skinny and be awesome and have family time, I’m okay with that. I’ll carry the burden for the Fat Family.