Time to get this off my chest. This isn’t easy for me, but the first step toward change is realizing you have a problem.

I’m addicted to Doctor Shows; The Doctors, Dr. Oz, Dr. G Medical Examiner, even Scrubs (when you kids are home).  I’ve been on vacation, so I’ve had quite a few opportunities to watch them.

The turning point was this afternoon while watching Dr. Oz. Big Daddy asked me if I was going to make coleslaw for supper. I said, “Well, not for about an hour!”  (After all, I had just begun to watch the program). What was he thinking? Anyhow, I got pissed off, like everyone knows I can. I took the next 20 minutes and made the damned coleslaw.

That’s when I knew how insanely addicted I was. In my defense, I seldom get to watch these shows because they’re on while I’m at work. Oh, forget about recording them. When else would I have the time to watch them.

Any advice?

PS – The season premier of Biggest Loser, is September 19 (I just love Bob Harper’s training tips).