Today is Day 1 of my vacation. The plan was to go to Columbus, OH to help The Diva, celebrate graduating from college. Enough said, I don't want to relive all that. Anyway, I'm off work until the 14th, which is really going to be nice.

Earlier I was thinking that I would take a vacation from everything, And play the "slug card", but now that I think about it, I, too, do better if I stick to a routine. šŸ˜‰ Hear that, Princess? So, Big Daddy and I have been eating a lot of zuchinni, tomatoes, cabbage, and anything else we can find in the garden or farmer's market. Big Daddy is already visibly losing. (I just hate that men lose more, and quicker that women). I'm, well, not so much, but I feel better. Also, instead of skipping my weekly weigh-in, I think I'll use that as an excuse to walk to the Public Health office to see if vacation is working out okay. Hmmm, come to think of it, I've not done any walking since last Friday. Where'd that time go?

Back to routine…I continue to get plenty of sleep. Actually, I'm getting a couple of extra hours in most mornings. Being able to wake naturally is quite unusual for me, but it sure feels good. Also, I never miss a meal, and that's always been obvious. Finally, I'm taking my meds, etc. at the same time every day.

Routine sounds pretty boring, but it's an important part of me. I can keep my life straight as long as I stick to a flexible schedule. To help me do that, I keep my calendar up-to-date on my phone, and I also have lists of the important things I need to do each day. I need to be sure to schedule exercise, too.

Okay, so if I intend to get enough sleep again tonight, I'm going to stop rambling, and get this posted.