So back in June I hit the scale at over 300lbs (310 to be precise). Not my heaviest but still a wakeup call. I’m having a small problem with Adema (legs swelling) and the doc put me on Diuretics a year ago and in June they had to double the dosage. I was told to cut *way* down on salt/sodium.

In June we started looking at the nutritional labels on the boxes. The recommended daily allowance is around 2800mg of sodium. I calculated approximately what I was consuming on a given day was over 10,000mg. Did you know that you could reach and sometimes exceed your daily allowance with 1 (one) can of Chicken Noodle soup?!? I didn’t. That was a rude wake up call. So I really have to watch what I eat because I am not even supposed to hit the recommended daily allowance. I have to have some salt/sodium in my system and the way things are produced, you can never get away without any sodium in your diet.

So, we’ve been watching labels and actually cooking more fresh things. We still have canned and packaged stuff as long as the sodium count is lower. I’ve been hitting my numbers more often (at least that I know of).

Before I left for Las Vegas, for my business trip. I had been down 20 lbs and my legs/ankles/feet were normal sized. When I got back, my legs/ankles/feet were essentially kankles. They are HUGE. And my wait was back up 10 lbs. Now granted, with all the swelling, I have a big feeling that it is a lot of water weight. Everything I ate was premade or from restaurants so I had no control over sodium/salt content. That’s the bad thing about eating things that I had no control over how it was made.

I know the stomach is still a bit smaller because of the way pants fit and the stomach is hanging a little odd. I have been losing weight pretty fast and when you do that, your skin doesn’t have time to shrink back.