After my success with W2D2, I was probably a little too cocky. I missed running yesterday, so when I woke up this morning, I figured I’d do my run before The Leon woke up. I discovered that I should probably not run in the morning, unless I’ve had something to drink in advance. When I exercise while not hydrated enough, I tend to sweat more (which is odd to me — anyone know why that is?) and I tend to get a small case of the dry heaves, just once or twice, a couple of times during my run. I powered through them this time, but I need to remember to have some water at least a half hour before I run.

My shins hurt more today than they have in the past; I hope that’s just a side effect of not having enough water and not a sign Shin-Splints-Yet-To-Come. Because that would suck. A great deal.

I’m off to shower. I’m starting to overpower myself, but you know what? I may be tired and sweaty and stinky, but I will feel awesome in an hour or two.