Here I have basically compiled a list of the supplements I take daily and why. It took me a while to put this all together because I wanted to do a bit of research to ensure the information I am providing is accurate. 

A few of these I took before, but not in the same multitude, the Ideal Protein mayhem. The majority of the vitamins and the amounts stems from that.

Alli: 1 with every solid meal. This pill is designed to absorb a percentage of the fat you ingest. Let me assure you it does work. To be graphic – consuming too much fatty food while taking Alli will cause you to pee grease out of your butt!

Antioxidant A/C/E: 1 with each meal. Benefits: basically this fights free radicals in your body, getting rid of all the build up from the bad stuff.

Biotin (B7): 1000mcg. 1 with each meal. Benefits: helps with metabolism; transport or carbon dioxide; pain and fatigue in muscles. Also great for hair, skin, and nails.

Calcium: 600mg. 1 with breakfast and 1 with dinner. Benefits: great for bones AND teeth! (Everyone in this family could use a little help with their teeth, admit it!)  Prevents osteoporosis.  Also know to lower blood pressure, reduce cancer risk, and prevent obesity.  Be careful!  Too much can cause kidney stones.

Cranberry: 1680mg.  1 with breakfast. Benefits: Promotes urinary tract health. High source of vitamin C. Detox. Helps fight the negative effects of calcium.

D: 1000iu. 1 with each meal. Benefits: promotes brain function; fights infection and auto immune disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and multiple sclerosis; inhibits cancer; promotes cellular differentiation; anti-inflammatory; lowers blood pressure; regulates blood sugar.

Fish Oil: 1000mg.  1 with each meal. Benefits: omega-3 fatty acids; heart health; brain function; cardiovascular health. Alleged to be good for anti-aging, arthritis, and cancer prevention.  I have even heard doctors refer to it as a miracle drug.

Gelatin: 1300mg. 1 with each meal. Benefits: adds collagen; high in protein; elastacizes and strengthens skin, bones, and tendons; promotes muscle growth and metabolism; promotes the feeling of fullness; maintains regularity; promotes healthy hair and nails; rich in amino acids.

Lecithin: 400mg. 1 with each meal. Benefits: strengthens cellular structure; fat transport; metabolism; cardiovascular health; liver function; memory; hair and skin; endurance.

Prenatal Multi-vitamin/mineral: NO. I am not pregnant.  I just take these because the Alli and my diet itself is depleting of supplements.

Carnation Instant Breakfast: this probably accounts for a minimum of 4 of my meals per week. It’s jam-packed with more vitamins and minerals than a multi-vitamin.

I cannot bring myself to stomache a B vitamin supplement. I used to take a Super B Complex, but it’s nasty gross. It tastes the way rotten corn husks smell.

For reference:
mg: milligram
mcg: microgram
iu: international unit

That is all.