George Here.


Week One Day Two was freaking GRRRR!

Actually it wasnt that bad. The running was harder than it was on Monday, and by the end of the initial Five Minute Walk, I was dreading the run. But by the end of the entire thing I was not necessarily as tired as I was on Monday, just in more pain and a little more inclined to use cuss words to express myself.

Yoga was a LOT harder than it was the first day. My muscles are so stiff.

Sarah and I have pretty good conversations when we run. Its kinda like in the movies, or in Law and Order, when you see the two people jogging in the park and talking, but Sarah and I have yet to stumble upon a crime scene.

Anyways, we talked about how I may be wearing myself too thin, in terms of a 40 – plus hour a week manual labor job, being in a play, doing C25K, and having a home life. I’ve counted out a social life, thats just not going to work. I told Sarah I was scared, and she just told me that it’ll make me tough. Well, I think I’ll face it. I cant really turn back, I have made all these¬†commitments and I have to stick to them. Is this really what turning over a new leaf is like?