Oh. My. God.

Jeremy helped me to pump up earlier, and I was already pumped.

Then George got to my house.

Screw this I’m not going. Whatever I’ll go. Nope not gonna do.  <— back and for through my mind.

I went but it was pure hell. My ribs hurt SO bad. I thought I was gonna puke at one point, but I kept on going, and I’ll keep on going because I’m stubborn.  I have friction burns in unmentionable places from the elastic in my unmentionables, permanent black lint all over the place from my workout gear, and blisters inbetween my toes from my Nike air rifts. 

During yoga I could harldy move because I turned into jell-o and I sweat up about 2 gallons.

Don’t care. Not gonna stop.



P.S. – we had good weather. It was a little sprinkly, a little cool, and a little breezey.