I love to cook. It’s my hobby and my passion. Consequentaly I am a great cook. (I mean really, look who I learned from. Mom and Papa. I also get quite creative). I could put Paula Deen to shame. I should have my own restaurant.  Rocky and George are lucky – their stomachs benefit from it. Not so good for me however.

Its difficult for me to be okay with buying prepackaged foods, but I drink a lot of EAS protein shakes. I can buy the powdered for at Sam’s Club by the feed bag, so that helps. Not the tastiest but I’ve had tons worse. Generally have those for breakfast and lunch. Sometimes with a little peach yogurt mixed in to cut out the “ick! ” factor.   …I eat whatever I want for dinner…

That’s the part I have to get under control. SCARY!

Two products I want to talk about:

1) the Blender Bottle. I love it. I picked mine up in the health food section of the Walmart for about $5. It’s similar to those hidden valley shakers only it has a little metal whisk ball in it. It’s great. I use it for all kinds of stuff besides my shakes.

2) Water Enhancers.
Crystal Light packets or Mio or what have you. I like them all unless its Raspberry Ice. Yick!  They are wonderful for all the water haters out there (something I do not understand, because I love water) and for me when I want a change or the water where I’m at tastes like a swimming pool.

Stay tuned. I want to talk about my shape-ups and my vitamin intake.