I had posted earlier that I was going to do some weight training this morning.  That didn’t happen.  Today was a day in Cheyenne.  You all know how those go.  So, I ask you…does shopping in Sam’s Club and Walmart count as walking for me?  Now remember what a trip to these stores is like with Your Father…I’m guessing we walked 5 miles, if we walked a foot.  I’m thinking I should dig out the (3) pedometers I have and just check it out sometime, for real.

Tonight I did a little weight training.  I’d forgotten how heavy a 5# weight feels.  Papa works with weights every day (I know, he should alternate days.  You tell him).  Anyway, he helped me with what he does and then I added some other moves too.

My favorite weight routine is one that is part of The FIRM CardioWeight System that I bought a few years ago.  I can honestly say that I really have gotten my money out of this DVD set.  Hi-Def Sculpt is a 30 minute workout with weights. It’s excellent.

Last year Community Ed offered free Zumba classes for the first month.  I was hooked!  After they decided to charge for the classes, I decided I should just buy the DVD’s and do it at home.  I really liked going to the dance studio to work out, but it soon didn’t fit into my schedule.  I think I’ll start doing Zumba again.

So, my plan for now, is weights and walking.  I’ll walk to work every day, walk the dog every other night, and do weight training on the off nights.  I think it’s a good plan to start with.  I’m open to suggestions.  What do you think?