Hey there everyone!

George here. Little later than others on getting the blog thing started. (Not as tech savvy as the rest of my family, and as such I couldn’t quite figure out the finer details of this blog site. :P) Anyhoo, thought I’d kill two birds and do a checkpoint and an exercise post at the same time.

So, for a quick background on me, I thought I’d go ahead and mention that I am not overweight, quite the opposite in fact, however I am just as severely out of shape as any of the rest of us. I have a super quick metabolism, so I could eat nothing but bacon for a week and never gain any weight. But as Sarah so eloquently put it, “You are fat on the inside.” My dietary habits are just godawful. Not as bad as they used to be, but not great. Sometimes I will eat a whole bag of chips just because I didn’t stop eating them. Sometimes I will drink a 12 pack of soda in two days. I smoke about ten cigarettes per day, sometimes more, sometimes less. At one time I was incredibly active. In junior high I was on the Track team, and I did very well. Throughout high school I was constantly doing something active. During my first two years of college I took every dance class that was offered. This includes Ballet I and II, Jazz I and II, Tap I and II, and Modern. On top of that I was in at least one dance-heavy musical per year (Hello Dolly, in which I played a dancing waiter, and A Chorus Line, in which I played Greg.) As well as a class called Movement for Acting, that focused heavily on maintaining a strong core and promoting flexibility. During those two years I was as thin as I am now, but I had a very solid, lean, muscular body. The time I stopped going to college coincided with the time I began liking beer, and those lean, solid muscles have basically devolved into gumby-limbs. I don’t really drink a whole lot these days, but the damage has been done and I don’t necessarily move around a great deal. The jobs I’ve held have rarely been physically demanding, and so the largest amount of exercise I get is the race against time to get from Bed, to Shower, to Closet, to Car, to Work. And THAT is all over in 8 – 14 minutes.

Last night was the beginning of Sarah’s and my c25k workout. We have decided that we are going to take the steps together, as encouragement for one another. I almost didn’t go. I have been in a rut lately so I decided the only way to get out of it was to audition for a play at the local community theatre, Stage III. The issue here is that Sarah wanted to wait for the weather to cool down, and by the time that happened I was already at auditions, and they ran until about 9.15. I went home to change and ended up comforting my girlfriend who was having a bad day, and that took until about 9.55. I thought maybe it was getting too late so I called Sarah, and all she said was “I knew you’d be a Pussy.” Ha ha. So I got my things and went over there. I already felt accomplished because I have been in a mindset the past few days that is to be very proactive, and have a positive outlook. I thank Sarah, because if I welched on this commitment on the very first day, just how proactive am I truly being?

Anyway, the run was excellent! I’m in worse shape than I thought! But I can really see how this program is designed to work. It’s great. It’s invigorating! I was exhausted by our last cycle of “run/walk,” but it felt good to struggle. Life gets too easy for us sometimes, and thats why we become the way we are. The only thing to do is challenge yourself, and it was totally worth it. I did yoga with sarah right after. It was fun! I’ve never done it before and its a lot more challenging than I ever gave it credit for being. I slept like a baby last night and woke up feeling like a champ. Would do again.

Wow, that was Rant-ey. Sorry folks.

Alright my fellow soldiers, I know its cliche but its a good cliche: Carpe Diem!

Stay positive, keep your eye on the goal, and NEVER SAY DIE! LOVE YOU ALL!

With Much Regard,

George C. Taylor.