As I just texted to my friend Toby, “Nothing makes you feel like a giant jiggly tub o’ lard like a perky little computer voice chirping, ‘That’s obese!’ when you step on the balance board.”

I’ve had my Wii Balance Board for 900 days today. I haven’t been on it in probably 893 of them.

My BMI is somewhere north of 30 (I forget the actual number) and my weight was 236. Yeah. I know. Sadness.

I’m about to go out on a run. I’m doing the Couch to 5K, along with Sarah and (I think) GC. We’re training for the Jingle Bell Run in Columbus on December 3. Sarah and GC live in Wyoming, so they’re coming to see their awesome big brother. We’re trying to get the rolling brother to come along, too, to make it most of the family. Leon will be there, but he’ll be cheering us on, unless I can convince him to do it with us. Unlikely. 🙂

I’m hoping to get my fat ass moving more and eating better over the next 10 weeks in order to do a 5K before the JBR. If not, that will be my first one. That’s a little under four months out. I can do it sooner, but that’s my zero barrier. I have to be ready by then. If I have to run it solo, by god, I will.

My other goal is to drop 10 pounds in the next month. That’s the goal on my Wii Fit Plus. I’ll be using it as a guidepost, but I’ll probably go into the gym at school to get a more accurate weight.

Here we go. Again.