I’ve been tracking my weight on my bathroom mirror with a dry-erase marker for weeks. I’ve been watching it bounch all over the place by the tenth of a pound to no avail. Average 204.2.

On January 1st I started the Ideal Protein diet and lasted about six weeks. Any other member of the human species, sticking to the plan, would have lost approximately thirty pounds. I lost 5 and maybe cheated once. Maybe that’s why I failed. I don’t know…

What I do know is that food has a ridiculous power over me. I never needed to get into drugs or alcohol… Because I can eat until I’m sick and still want more. Ew.

I ballooned upwards of 240 pounds (at which point I threw out my, obviously, defective scale) when I lived in Wisconsin.  I moved back home in 2007 and by mid 2008 I was down to a nearly acceptable 160 pounds.

Now all of a sudden my fat ass is creeping back up there and I’m sick of it. Done. Over it. Can’t handle it anymore.

I’ve decided to take the key things from the Ideal Protein diet and the Stacks diet and get my eating under control. Hey, if Whitney can kick the coke…

I own enough equipment and DVDs to put any gym to shame so I’m going to build myself a little plan and put my hundreds of dust collecting dollars to use.

Jeremy, George and I are starting the couch-to-5k plan and as soon as George gets done with his audition tonight I’m going go kick bricks.  When that’s over I’m going to take advantage of my warm muscles and do some yoga+ABS. I can’t wait! And I can’t wait for Columbus on my birthday!

My biggest issues have been the fact that I don’t like to sweat because that whole princess thing runs in the family… and… I get all kinds of self conscious about people judging me when I’m working out. Though, I suppose the best way to look at it is they can judge me for being fat or they can judge me for being fat and doing something about it!

Tomorrow when I get it all figured out I’ll post my meals and vitamin/supplement intake.

I have to thank Jeremy for lighting a fire under all of our asses and setting up this page!

We’re in for a bumpy (lumpy?) Ass ride!

Good luck to all of us!!!