I love to walk. So why do I find every excuse not to do it? I just got back from walking 1 mile with the dog. Ha! Maybe she’ll be part of our Fat Family Fitness 🙂 If I can walk to work and back, that gives me 1 mile, 4 days/week. If I walk the dog, then I can add another mile (that’s all we can handle together right now). Who knows? I just might get into power walking again.

My goal is to lose 30 pounds. My days of becoming a slender woman are over, but I know by losing the weight, my health will be so much better. The diabetes will be in better control, the bad cholesterol will be in check, and my risk of heart disease will dwindle to nothing.

The first thing I need to do is go to the doctor and see what he recommends for my thyroid deficiency. The results from my recent blood work-up indicated that I may have hypo-thyroidism. I’m not sure exactly what that means. I don’t think it’s life-threatening, maybe. What I do know is that the thyroid controls an awful lot of things, including the ability to lose weight. Sarah, you come by it honestly when you said you can gorge yourself, and still be hungry. I feel that way nearly every meal. If you discover any cures, let me know.

So, I start this journey at 170 pounds. I don’t own a scale, but our Public Health office is across the street from my office, and they encourage us to stop in and weigh. I will do that every Thursday, if at all possible.

Yes, thank you Jeremy. This is the motivation we’ve all needed.