Are we all making sure we stay hydrated?  I know this is kind of a duh, but it’s important.  I drink at least a gallon a water a day, but since I’m becoming my active I’m upping my intake.

That being said, there is not a body on the face of this planet with balls enough to tell me I can’t have my coffee (and subsequently cream) in the morning. Not going to happen. I’m not doing it. If that’s 100% of my carbs for the day so be it.

Also, I don’t generally start a new something unless I am first bribed with a hoodie. I think I’m going to talk to my friend Stacy, who does all the hoodies and hats for the bar and see if we can’t work out some kind of deal. Mine will be the brightest color she has, you can garuntee that! Ideas???


P.s. – George was having trouble figuring word press out on his phone, too, but he is raving about this whole endeavor.