We’re a big family (Mom, Dad, five kids, two married-ins). We’re also mostly not in great shape (Clare weighs ten pounds, GC is a swizzle stick, and BJ’s in a wheelchair, but the rest of us? Yeah, not so much). We’re going to try to fix that. Note the phrasing: try. We’re not so good with the follow-through sometimes.

The majority of these posts will be from Jeremy, Sarah, GC, Mom, and maybe Leon. If the other four want to get involved, they’re more than welcome to jump in. You probably won’t see many posts from the main account, unless they affect all of us.

The fun of this is going to be all of us holding each other accountable. We live in three different states across three different time zones. It should be a hell of a fun experiment. We’ll be blogging about food and exercise, mostly. Wish us luck.